Shimizu Akiko
Education and Rewards
Mod'Art chapeau design school, Paris. (2003-2005)
C.A.P Mode et Chapellerie,Paris. (Jul.2005)
2nd price at the《 Chapeau de l'Arc 》challenge,Paris. (Nov.2005)
Winner of the challenge《 St catherine 》Figaro Madame,Paris. (Nov.2005)
Work Experiences and Internships
Marie Mercié's workshop, Paris. (Jan-Jul 2004)
Point Commun hat's workshop,Paris. (Sept-May 04-05)
Freelance creations and collaborations with magazines such as Marie-Claire (Taiwan), Fiecive (Japan). (Jul-Dec 2005)
Hat designer at《 L'Opera National de Paris 》,Paris. (May-Dec 2005)
Hat designer at Michel's workshop,Paris. (Jan-Jui 2006)
CEO and designer,La Chapelliére,Tokyo. (06-present)
From Paris to Tokyo, Akiko Shimizu has worked with the finest《 haute-couture 》brands such as Hermes, Louis Vuiton, Chanel, Balenciaga. Her style blends french elegance and japanese creativity.
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